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tests done

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@testset "Flux variability summary" begin
model = load_model(model_paths["e_coli_core.json"])
sol = flux_balance_analysis_dict(
sol = flux_variability_analysis_dict(
bounds = objective_bounds(0.99),
modifications = [
change_optimizer_attribute("IPM_IterationsLimit", 200),
fr = flux_variability_summary(sol)
@test isapprox(fr.biomass_fluxes["BIOMASS_Ecoli_core_w_GAM"][1], 0.8651822872764786; atol=TEST_TOLERANCE)
@test isapprox(fr.exchange_fluxes["EX_for_e"][2], 1.1440672757160666; atol=TEST_TOLERANCE)
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