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......@@ -25,12 +25,10 @@ end
Return a `FluxSummary` struct based on the `flux_result` of a constraint based
analysis simulation of `model`. Internally this function uses
[`looks_like_biomass_reaction`](@ref) and
[`looks_like_exchange_reaction`](@ref). The corresponding keyword arguments can
be set in `summarize` and are then passed to these functions if your model has
nonstandard ids for reactions. Fluxes smaller than `small_flux_bound` are not
displayed, while fluxes larger than `large_flux_bound` are only displayed if
`display_unbounded` is `true`. `round_digits` is used to round the displayed
value of the flux.
[`looks_like_exchange_reaction`](@ref). The corresponding keyword arguments
passed to these functions. Use this if your model has non-standard ids for
reactions. Fluxes smaller than `small_flux_bound` are not stored, while fluxes
larger than `large_flux_bound` are only stored if `keep_unbounded` is `true`.
This function is most useful as a way to generate a struct that has nice pretty
printing of flux results. The resultant struct can also be used in downstream
......@@ -38,6 +36,18 @@ applications if necessary.
# Example
julia> fr = flux_summary(model, sol)
BIOMASS_Ecoli_core_w_GAM: 0.8739
EX_o2_e: -21.7995
EX_glc__D_e: -10.0
EX_nh4_e: -4.7653
EX_pi_e: -3.2149
EX_h_e: 17.5309
EX_co2_e: 22.8098
EX_h2o_e: 29.1758
function flux_summary(model::MetabolicModel, flux_result::Dict{String, Float64};
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