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......@@ -68,10 +68,9 @@ function frugal_flux_balance_analysis(
# add transformation variables
t = @variable(opt_model, t[1:length(frugal_reactions)])
@objective(opt_model, Min, sum(t))
for (i, frugal_reaction) in enumerate(frugal_reactions)
@constraint(opt_model, t[i] >= opt_model[:x][frugal_reaction])
@constraint(opt_model, t[i] >= -opt_model[:x][frugal_reaction])
@constraint(opt_model, t .>= I(length(frugal_reactions))*opt_model[:x][frugal_reactions])
@constraint(opt_model, t .>= -I(length(frugal_reactions))*opt_model[:x][frugal_reactions])
for rb in relax_bounds
lb, ub = objective_bounds(rb)(Z)
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