Commit 9961dd0f authored by Miroslav Kratochvil's avatar Miroslav Kratochvil
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update MATModel to dense bounds

parent 683ef33f
......@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ stoichiometry(m::MATModel) = sparse(m.mat["S"])
Extracts bounds from the MAT file, saved under `lb` and `ub`.
bounds(m::MATModel) = (
sparse(reshape(get(m.mat, "lb", fill(-Inf, n_reactions(m), 1)), n_reactions(m))),
sparse(reshape(get(m.mat, "ub", fill(Inf, n_reactions(m), 1)), n_reactions(m))),
reshape(get(m.mat, "lb", fill(-Inf, n_reactions(m), 1)), n_reactions(m)),
reshape(get(m.mat, "ub", fill(Inf, n_reactions(m), 1)), n_reactions(m)),
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