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simplify & unsurprise `set_optmodel_bound!`

Closes #419
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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ end
Shortcut for running JuMP `optimize!` on a model and returning the objective
value, if solved.
function optimize_objective(optmodel)::Union{Float64,Nothing}
function optimize_objective(optmodel)::Maybe{Float64}
if is_solved(optmodel)
......@@ -70,27 +70,21 @@ get_optmodel_bounds(opt_model) = (
set_optmodel_bound!(index, optimization_model;
Helper function to set the bounds of variables.
The JuMP `set_normalized_rhs` function is a little confusing,
so this function simplifies setting constraints. In short, JuMP
uses a normalized right hand side representation of constraints,
which means that lower bounds have their sign flipped. This function
does this for you, so you don't have to remember to do this whenever you
change the constraints.
set_optmodel_bound!(vidx, opt_model;
ub::Maybe{Real} = nothing,
lb::Maybe{Real} = nothing,
Just supply the constraint `index` and the JuMP model (`opt_model`) that
will be solved, and the variable's bounds will be set to `ub` and `lb`.
Helper function to set the bounds of a variable in the model. Internally calls
`set_normalized_rhs` from JuMP. If the bounds are set to `nothing`, they will
not be changed.
function set_optmodel_bound!(
ub = _constants.default_reaction_rate,
lb = -_constants.default_reaction_rate,
lb::Maybe{Real} = nothing,
ub::Maybe{Real} = nothing,
set_normalized_rhs(opt_model[:lbs][vind], -lb)
set_normalized_rhs(opt_model[:ubs][vind], ub)
isnothing(lb) || set_normalized_rhs(opt_model[:lbs][vidx], -lb)
isnothing(ub) || set_normalized_rhs(opt_model[:ubs][vidx], ub)
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