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fix the remove_reaction plurality in notebook

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......@@ -26,15 +26,15 @@ using Tulip
base_model = load_model(CoreModel, "e_coli_core.json") # base from from which the knockouts will be constructed
cytbd_knockout_model = remove_reactions(base_model, "CYTBD") # knockout the CYTBD (cytochrome oxidase) reaction
cytbd_knockout_model = remove_reaction(base_model, "CYTBD") # knockout the CYTBD (cytochrome oxidase) reaction
sol = flux_balance_analysis_dict(cytbd_knockout_model, Tulip.Optimizer)
sol["BIOMASS_Ecoli_core_w_GAM"] # Cytochrome oxidase knockout μ (growth rate)
atps4r_knockout_model = remove_reactions(base_model, "ATPS4r") # knockout the ATP synthase reaction
atps4r_knockout_model = remove_reaction(base_model, "ATPS4r") # knockout the ATP synthase reaction
sol = flux_balance_analysis_dict(atps4r_knockout_model, Tulip.Optimizer)
sol["BIOMASS_Ecoli_core_w_GAM"] # ATP synthase knockout μ
eno_knockout_model = remove_reactions(base_model, "ENO") # knockout the enolase reaction
eno_knockout_model = remove_reaction(base_model, "ENO") # knockout the enolase reaction
sol = flux_balance_analysis_dict(eno_knockout_model, Tulip.Optimizer)
sol["BIOMASS_Ecoli_core_w_GAM"] # Enolase knockout μ, cannot grow by itself
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