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Merge pull request #561 from LCSB-BioCore/mk-enforce-doc-version-check

COBREXA should be a dep of documentation Project.toml to enforce version checks
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CairoMakie = "13f3f980-e62b-5c42-98c6-ff1f3baf88f0"
COBREXA = "babc4406-5200-4a30-9033-bf5ae714c842"
ColorSchemes = "35d6a980-a343-548e-a6ea-1d62b119f2f4"
Documenter = "e30172f5-a6a5-5a46-863b-614d45cd2de4"
Escher = "8cc96de1-1b23-48cb-9272-618d67962629"
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