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_smoment_reaction_name(original_name::String, direction::Int)
Internal helper for systematically naming reactions in [`SMomentModel`](@ref).
_smoment_reaction_name(original_name::String, direction::Int) =
direction == 0 ? original_name :
direction > 0 ? "$original_name#forward" : "$original_name#reverse"
Retrieve a utility mapping between reactions and split reactions; rows
correspond to "original" reactions, columns correspond to "split" reactions.
_smoment_column_reactions(model::SMomentModel) = sparse(
[col.reaction_id for col in model.columns],
[col.direction >= 0 ? 1 : -1 for col in model.columns],
Compute the part of the coupling for [`SMomentModel`](@ref) that limits the
"arm" reactions (which group the individual split unidirectional reactions).
_smoment_reaction_coupling(model::SMomentModel) = sparse(
[col.coupling_row for col in model.columns if col.direction != 0],
[i for (i, col) in enumerate(model.columns) if col.direction != 0],
[col.direction for col in model.columns if col.direction != 0],
Internal helper for determining the number of required couplings to account for
"arm" reactions.
_smoment_n_reaction_couplings(model::SMomentModel) =
isempty(model.columns) ? 0 : maximum(col.coupling_row for col in model.columns)
Return bounds that limit the "arm" reactions in [`SMomentModel`](@ref). The
values are taken from the "original" inner model.
_smoment_reaction_coupling_bounds(model::SMomentModel) =
let (lbs, ubs) = bounds(model.inner)
(lbs[coupling_row_reaction], ubs[coupling_row_reaction])
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