Commit 68f8c24d authored by Miroslav Kratochvil's avatar Miroslav Kratochvil
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keep Project.toml stuff sorted

(no idea why Aqua testing let this through, it fails for me here)
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......@@ -40,12 +40,12 @@ julia = "1"
Aqua = "4c88cf16-eb10-579e-8560-4a9242c79595"
Documenter = "e30172f5-a6a5-5a46-863b-614d45cd2de4"
Downloads = "f43a241f-c20a-4ad4-852c-f6b1247861c6"
GLPK = "60bf3e95-4087-53dc-ae20-288a0d20c6a6"
Literate = "98b081ad-f1c9-55d3-8b20-4c87d4299306"
OSQP = "ab2f91bb-94b4-55e3-9ba0-7f65df51de79"
SHA = "ea8e919c-243c-51af-8825-aaa63cd721ce"
Test = "8dfed614-e22c-5e08-85e1-65c5234f0b40"
Tulip = "6dd1b50a-3aae-11e9-10b5-ef983d2400fa"
GLPK = "60bf3e95-4087-53dc-ae20-288a0d20c6a6"
test = ["Aqua", "Downloads", "OSQP", "SHA", "Test", "Tulip", "GLPK"]
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