Commit d12c7475 authored by Laura Denies's avatar Laura Denies
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Update Phage.smk: update empty file failsafe

parent 6a383de0
...@@ -38,11 +38,11 @@ rule aggregate_VirSorter: ...@@ -38,11 +38,11 @@ rule aggregate_VirSorter:
message: "VirSorter failsave for empty files: {wildcards.project} - {wildcards.sample}" message: "VirSorter failsave for empty files: {wildcards.project} - {wildcards.sample}"
shell: shell:
""" """
if [ -s {output} ] if [ -s {input} ]
then then
cp scripts/virsorter_headers.csv {output}
mv {input} {output} mv {input} {output}
cp scripts/virsorter_headers.csv {output}
fi fi
rm -rf {config[pathofact][datadir]}/{wildcards.project}/PathoFact_intermediate/MGE/phage/{wildcards.sample}/virsorter rm -rf {config[pathofact][datadir]}/{wildcards.project}/PathoFact_intermediate/MGE/phage/{wildcards.sample}/virsorter
""" """
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