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......@@ -11,5 +11,26 @@ PathoFact requires a good working Python (3.6.4), snakemake (version 5.5.4) and
If snakemake is not yet installed one could install this by using the provided conda file (snakemake.yaml)
To install run: conda env create -f snakemake.yaml
PathoFact provides the
PathoFact provides the conda environments with the dependencies needed to run the incorporated tools.
Some of the tools itself, however, still need to be installed.
The following tools need to be installed by the user itself and the path to the tools adjusted within the config.yaml file:
The following tools can either be installed manually or the script can be run to install automatically:
*deepARG (v1)
*PlasFlow (v1.1)
*VirSorter (v1.0.5)
*DeepVirFinder (v1.0)
It is recommended to install using the script.
If installed manually make sure that the tools are installed in the folder "scripts" and the pathways matches those within the config.yaml
After the installation of deepARG make sure to manually adjust the configurations.
For this go to the directory where the program was saved (in this case the scripts/deeparg-ss directory within the PathoFact directroy) and open the files
Replace the path '/home/gustavo1/tmp/deeparg-ss/'; with the current directory (deepARG path).
Finally for LINUX system to allow diamond to be executed go to ./bin within the deeparg-ss directory and run:
chmod +x diamond
For more explanations on the deepArg configuration see the deepArg documentation:
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