Commit 2765df7b authored by Laura Denies's avatar Laura Denies
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Update Toxin.smk

parent df5162b8
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ rule run_HMM_tox:
message: "Executing toxin prediction with {threads} threads on the following sample(s): {wildcards.project} - {wildcards.sample}"
hmmsearch --cpu {threads} --noali --notextw --tblout {output} {input.hmm} {input.renamed} &> {log}
hmmsearch --cpu {threads} --noali --notextw -T {config[pathofact][tox_threshold]} --tblout {output} {input.hmm} {input.renamed} &> {log}
# Adjust HMM results to correct format
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