Fractalis - A scalable open-source service for platform-independent interactive visual analytics

The fact that you see this message means that you successfully deployed Fractalis via the provided Docker image. This system serves from now on as a computational endpoint for the Fractalis stack.


Fractalis is a service and a library that work in tandem to equip existing platforms with visual analytical capabilities for explorative data analysis. This is achieved by isolating all platform-dependent code into a single layer, which is responsible for migrating currently needed data into the Fractalis analysis cache. Here are some videos that show the current state of the project: Playlist.


All documents are and will always be available within the project repositories. Fractalis README and Fractal.js README are good points to begin with.


The entire code base for this project is publicly available here.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License and may be freely downloaded, modified, and reused.


Manuscript in preparation.