Commit fd44e144 authored by Sascha Herzinger's avatar Sascha Herzinger
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make boxplot results json serializable

parent e2d01be6
......@@ -42,17 +42,16 @@ class BoxplotTask(AnalyticTask):
df = reduce(lambda l, r: l.append(r), features)
if id_filter:
df = df[df['id'].isin(id_filter)]
feature_names = df['feature'].unique()
df = apply_subsets(df=df, subsets=subsets)
df = apply_categories(df=df, categories=categories)
results = {
'data': df.to_json(orient='records'),
'statistics': {},
'features': feature_names,
'categories': df['category'].unique(),
'subsets': df['subset'].unique()
'features': df['feature'].unique().tolist(),
'categories': df['category'].unique().tolist(),
'subsets': df['subset'].unique().tolist()
for feature in feature_names:
for feature in results['features']:
for subset in results['subsets']:
for category in results['categories']:
values = df[(df['subset'] == subset) &
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ class TestBoxplotAnalytics:
json.dumps(results) # check if result is json serializable
assert 'data' in results
assert 'statistics' in results
assert len(json.loads(results['data'])) == 8
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