Commit d9ff64c3 authored by Sascha Herzinger's avatar Sascha Herzinger
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removed requirements.txt

parent bd9a94d4
...@@ -14,22 +14,29 @@ setup( ...@@ -14,22 +14,29 @@ setup(
include_package_data=True, include_package_data=True,
python_requires='>=3.4.0', python_requires='>=3.4.0',
install_requires=[ install_requires=[
'Flask==0.12.2', 'Flask',
'flask-cors==3.0.3', 'flask-cors',
'Flask-Script==2.0.6', 'Flask-Script',
'flask-request-id-middleware==1.1', 'flask-request-id-middleware',
'flask-compress==1.4.0', 'flask-compress',
'typing==3.6.2', 'typing',
'jsonschema==2.6.0', 'jsonschema',
'celery[redis]==4.1.0', 'celery[redis]',
'redis==2.10.6', 'redis',
'numpy==1.13.3', 'numpy',
'scipy==0.19.1', 'scipy',
'pandas==0.20.3', 'pandas',
'sklearn==0.0', 'sklearn',
'requests==2.18.4', 'requests',
'PyYAML==3.12', 'PyYAML',
'pycryptodomex==3.4.7', 'pycryptodomex',
'rpy2==2.9.0' 'rpy2',
] ]
) )
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