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some test cases for the new code that will probably fail

parent da5f7c47
"""This module tests the state controller module."""
from uuid import UUID, uuid4
import flask
import pytest
from fractalis import redis, sync
# noinspection PyMissingOrEmptyDocstring,PyMissingTypeHints
class TestState:
def test_client(self):
from fractalis import app
app.testing = True
with app.test_client() as test_client:
yield test_client
def test_save_state_saves_and_returns(self, test_client):
rv ='/state', data=flask.json.dumps('test'))
body = flask.json.loads(rv.get_data())
assert rv.status_code == 201, body
assert UUID(body['state_id'])
assert redis.get('state:{}'.format(body['state_id'])) == 'test'
def test_404_if_request_invalid_state_id(self, test_client):
rv ='/state/{}'.format(str(uuid4())))
assert rv.status_code == 404
def test_error_if_state_id_is_no_uuid(self, test_client):
rv ='/state/123')
assert rv.status_code == 400
def test_error_if_task_id_is_no_etl_id(self, test_client):
uuid = str(uuid4())
redis.set('state:{}'.format(uuid), 'foo')
rv ='/state/{}'.format(uuid))
body = flask.json.loads(rv.get_data())
assert rv.status_code == 400, body
assert 'error' in body
assert 'given payload cannot be saved' in body['error']
def test_201_and_valid_state_if_valid_conditions(self, test_client):
uuid = str(uuid4())
redis.set('state:{}'.format(uuid), {'meta': {'descriptor': 'foo'}})
rv ='/state/{}'.format(uuid))
assert rv.status_code == 201
with test_client.session_transaction() as sess:
assert sess['data_tasks']
assert sess['state_access']
assert sess['data_tasks'] == sess['state_access']
assert [UUID(uuid) for id in sess['data_tasks']]
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