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Caching yarn/front-end files

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# These directories (templates&static) should be filled by gulp
# These directories should not be needed
......@@ -8,15 +8,14 @@ RUN mkdir -p /home/beacon/elixir-beacon && \
COPY code/backend/requirements.txt /home/beacon/elixir-beacon/
WORKDIR /home/beacon/elixir-beacon
RUN pip3 install --default-timeout=60 -i -r requirements.txt
# Prepare the project
COPY . /home/beacon/elixir-beacon
# Build front-end files
COPY code/frontend /home/beacon/elixir-beacon/code/
WORKDIR /home/beacon/elixir-beacon/code/frontend
RUN yarn install && node node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js
# Run the back-end
# Move the back-end files, and run it
COPY . /home/beacon/elixir-beacon
WORKDIR /home/beacon/elixir-beacon/code/backend
ENV BEACON_SETTINGS_YAML /home/beacon/elixir-beacon/configuration/beacon_information.yaml
ENV BEACON_DATASOURCES_YAML /home/beacon/elixir-beacon/configuration/connections.yaml
ENTRYPOINT ["gunicorn"]
CMD ["--bind", ":8123", "wsgi:app", "--access-logfile", "/log/access.log", "--error-logfile", "/log/error.log"]
ENTRYPOINT ["gunicorn", "--bind", ":8123", "wsgi:app", "--access-logfile", "/log/access.log", "--error-logfile", "/log/error.log"]
\ No newline at end of file
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