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Corrected imports

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......@@ -3,15 +3,14 @@ import os
from typing import List
from connectors.manager import ConnectorsManager
from data_types import create_beacon_allele_response_ok
from data_types import create_beacon_allele_response_error
from data_types import create_beacon_error
from data_types import create_beacon_dataset_allele_response_ok
from data_types import validate_input
from datasources.manager import DataSourcesManager
from helpers import truthy
from settings.settings import Settings
from beacon.connectors.manager import ConnectorsManager
from beacon.data_types import create_beacon_allele_response_ok
from beacon.data_types import create_beacon_allele_response_error
from beacon.data_types import create_beacon_error
from beacon.data_types import create_beacon_dataset_allele_response_ok
from beacon.data_types import validate_input
from beacon.datasources.manager import DataSourcesManager
from beacon.settings.settings import Settings
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