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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ title: "PFAS and Fluorinated Compounds in PubChem Tree"
- "Emma L. Schymanski^1^*, Parviel Chirsir^1^, Todor Kondic^1^,"
- "Paul A. Thiessen^2^, Jian Zhang^2^ and Evan E. Bolton^2^*"
date: "2 June 2022"
date: "10 June 2022"
output: pdf_document
csl: journal-of-cheminformatics.csl
bibliography: refs.bib
......@@ -59,14 +59,19 @@ compounds (_i.e._ CIDs) in that node.
More details on the general
[PubChem Classification Brower](
features are given in the Section [Navigating the Tree](#search), at
the links below, or by reaching out to
features are given in the Section [Navigating the Tree](#search), via the PubChem
and [help](
pages, or by reaching out to
for more information:
for more information.
Finally, an interactive walkthrough of the
[PubChem PFAS Tree](
featuring Emma Schymanski and Hans Peter Arp is available on the
[ZeroPM YouTube Channel](
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## Contents {#cont}
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