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# Environmental Cheminformatics Educational Platform: Plan B
This repository contains a collection of ansible scripts which can be
used to provision an Ubuntu/Debian based virtual machine in a public
cloud. The scripts have been written for a specific Digital Ocean
_droplet_, but can easily be adapted for something else.
## Access
The desktop environment on the compute node *alien-one* is accessible
through VNC protocol. Any VNC viewer can be used. If in doubt, try the
cross-platform TigerVNC_ viewer [available from here for
or as a package from your GNU/Linux distribution.
**Before connecting, you need:
- A X509 certificate file.
- The IP address of the server.
- Your username and password.**
### Connection instructions
1. Open the VNC viewer.
2. Click `Options`.
3. Switch to `Security` tab.
4. Make sure that at least `TLS with X509 certificates` is checked.
5. Make sure that at least `None` is checked in the `Authentication` section.
6. Set the `Path to X509 certificate` to the location of the X509
certificate file.
7. Now, click `OK` to accept changes and close the `Options` tab.
8. Fill in the IP address of the server in field `VNC server` and
append `:5950` to it. So, the `VNC server` entry should look like
this `XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:5950`.
9. Click `Connect`.
## Using Environmental Cheminformatics Programs
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