Commit 7d70650d authored by Todor Kondic's avatar Todor Kondic
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tasks/pubchemlite.yml: Add pubchemlite task

parent 10132e7b
#!/bin/env bash
export GUIX_PROFILE=$HOME/.pcl-guix-prof
. $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile
cd "$HOME/pcl"
pubchem/pubchemlite/ share/CompoundDBs/PubChem/PubChemLite/input
- name: Copy to /usr/local/bin
when: "'pcbuilders' in group_names"
src: files/usr/local/bin/
dest: /usr/local/bin/
group: eci
mode: 0770
- name: Delete all cron jobs.
command: crontab -r
become_user: ecitk
ignore_errors: yes
when: "'pcbuilders' in group_names"
- name: Creates a pubchemlite cron entry.
name: pubchemlite build
weekday: "5"
minute: "0"
minute: "1"
hour: "4"
user: ecitk
job: "/home/ecitk/pcl/"
job: /usr/local/bin/ 2> /home/ecitk/pcl/runner.err
when: "'pcbuilders' in group_names"
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