Commit 48b82389 authored by Todor Kondic's avatar Todor Kondic
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hosts: Add category for pubchem related builders

parent fb79b10e
[ctrl] [ctrl]
eci-crutch ansible_host= eci-crutch ansible_host=
pf0322 ansible_host=
[stations] [stations]
pf0322 ansible_host= pc-builders
pf0323 ansible_host= pf0323 ansible_host=
pf0320 ansible_host= pf0320 ansible_host=
[bootstrap:children] [bootstrap:children]
ctrl ctrl
stations stations
...@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ ...@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@
tags: guix-inst-pkg tags: guix-inst-pkg
- name: Copy package manifest (PCL). - name: Copy package manifest (PCL).
hosts: pcl-builders
copy: copy:
src: files/etc/guix_manifest_pcl.scm src: files/etc/guix_manifest_pcl.scm
dest: /etc/guix_manifest_pcl.scm dest: /etc/guix_manifest_pcl.scm
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