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......@@ -15,8 +15,10 @@ Windows](https://bintray.com/tigervnc/stable/download_file?file_path=vncviewer-1
or as a package from your GNU/Linux distribution.
For Mac users,
[here is the Java version of the viewer](https://bintray.com/tigervnc/stable/download_file?file_path=VncViewer-1.11.0.jar).
If you are on OS11 (big Sur) [try this direct download](http://tigervnc.bphinz.com/nightly/osx/TigerVNC-1.11.80.dmg)
If you are on OS10 (catalina) [try this direct download](https://bintray.com/tigervnc/beta/download_file?file_path=TigerVNC-1.10.90.dmg)
If you are on Big Sur [try this direct download](http://tigervnc.bphinz.com/nightly/osx/TigerVNC-1.11.80.dmg).
If you are on Catalina [try this direct download](https://bintray.com/tigervnc/beta/download_file?file_path=TigerVNC-1.10.90.dmg).
If you are on El Capitan [try this direct download](https://bintray.com/tigervnc/stable/download_file?file_path=TigerVNC-1.8.0.dmg)
**Before** connecting, you need:
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