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Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most prevalent neurodegenerative disorder, yet there is no treatment that can prevent or slow its progression. The mechanisms leading to PD pathology are not well understood, but we can gain insight by studying mutations known to cause PD. We used iPSCs carrying a homozygous mutation (ILE368ASN) within the PINK1 (PARK6) gene to generate midbrain dopaminergic (mDA) neurons, the primary targets of PD. Pairwise comparison between three independent pairs of a PINK1 and a control cell line, using single cell RNA sequencing, identified 151 genes consistently dysregulated at three different timepoints of dopaminergic differentiation. Upon examination, many of these genes formed a network which not only includes genes directly interacting with PINK1-related pathways like Parkin, but also genes that link to several additional PD-related pathways, including LRRK2, DJ-1 and α-synuclein. This suggests that pathology resulting from other PD mutations converges on a common PD network.
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**Figure 1:** Experimental design.
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