Commit 74dc3bbb authored by Piotr Gawron's avatar Piotr Gawron
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Merge branch '483-sbml-structures-cause-upload-errors' into 'devel_12.0.x'

Resolve "SBML structures cause upload errors"

See merge request minerva/core!377
parents 3b8f73a8 9a236442
......@@ -19,11 +19,11 @@ import org.sbml.jsbml.SBMLReader;
import org.sbml.jsbml.ext.SBasePlugin;
import org.sbml.jsbml.ext.layout.Layout;
import org.sbml.jsbml.ext.layout.LayoutModelPlugin;
import org.sbml.jsbml.util.NotImplementedException;
import lcsb.mapviewer.commands.CommandExecutionException;
import lcsb.mapviewer.commands.layout.ApplySimpleLayoutModelCommand;
import lcsb.mapviewer.common.MimeType;
import lcsb.mapviewer.common.exception.NotImplementedException;
import lcsb.mapviewer.converter.ConverterException;
import lcsb.mapviewer.converter.ConverterParams;
import lcsb.mapviewer.converter.IConverter;
......@@ -103,13 +103,10 @@ public class SbmlParser implements IConverter {
throw new NotImplementedException("ConversionFactor not implemented for model");
if (sbmlModel.getCVTermCount() > 0) {
throw new NotImplementedException("CVTerms not implemented for model");
logger.warn("Handling of CVTerms is not implemented for model");
if (sbmlModel.getEventCount() > 0) {
throw new NotImplementedException("Events not implemented for model");
if (sbmlModel.getEventAssignmentCount() > 0) {
throw new NotImplementedException("EventAssignemnts not implemented for model");
if (sbmlModel.getEventCount() > 0 || sbmlModel.getEventAssignmentCount() > 0) {
logger.warn("Handling of Events is not implemented for model");
if (sbmlModel.getInitialAssignmentCount() > 0) {
throw new NotImplementedException("InitialAssignment not implemented for model");
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