Commit 78749ab4 authored by David Hoksza's avatar David Hoksza
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extended list

parent ab1381e0
...@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ log "Genes stored in ${genes_out_path}" ...@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ log "Genes stored in ${genes_out_path}"
log "Extending genes list..." log "Extending genes list..."
text_mining_out_path=${genes_out_path/03-genes/03-text-mining} text_mining_out_path=${genes_out_path/03-genes/03-text-mining}
echo Rscript --vanilla ${EXTEND_DIR}/get_extended_network.R ${genes_out_path} ${EXTEND_CONFIG} Rscript --vanilla ${EXTEND_DIR}/get_extended_network.R ${genes_out_path} ${EXTEND_CONFIG}
check_exit_code check_exit_code
cp ${EXTEND_DIR}/output.txt ${text_mining_out_path} cp ${EXTEND_DIR}/output.txt ${text_mining_out_path}
log "Genes list extended" log "Genes list extended"
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