Commit ef49e551 authored by Marek Ostaszewski's avatar Marek Ostaszewski
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Merge branch 'master' into repo_update

parents a7d33217 47f720e1
# Generated by CaSQ v0.8.6
# Generated by CaSQ v0.9.6
csa39 POSITIVE sa164
sa162 POSITIVE csa39
sa48 POSITIVE csa39
# Generated by CaSQ v0.8.6
# Generated by CaSQ v0.9.6
csa5 POSITIVE csa2
csa5 POSITIVE csa35
csa5 POSITIVE csa4
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ sa22 POSITIVE sa45
sa22 POSITIVE sa46
sa41 POSITIVE sa22
sa41 POSITIVE sa42
sa24 POSITIVE sa171
sa24 POSITIVE sa105
sa43 POSITIVE sa41
sa43 POSITIVE sa45
sa43 POSITIVE sa46
......@@ -89,5 +89,5 @@ sa44 POSITIVE sa41
sa44 POSITIVE sa45
sa44 POSITIVE sa46
sa278 POSITIVE sa55
sa162 POSITIVE sa105
sa173 POSITIVE sa118
sa162 POSITIVE sa171
# Generated by CaSQ v0.8.6
# Generated by CaSQ v0.9.6
sa1 POSITIVE csa2
sa1 POSITIVE csa7
sa1 POSITIVE sa3
......@@ -6,19 +6,23 @@ sa1 POSITIVE sa14
sa1 POSITIVE sa34
csa4 POSITIVE csa7
csa3 POSITIVE csa4
csa8 POSITIVE sa101
csa8 POSITIVE sa38
sa142 POSITIVE csa8
sa141 POSITIVE csa8
sa143 POSITIVE csa8
sa49 POSITIVE csa8
sa49 POSITIVE sa38
sa49 POSITIVE sa49
csa7 POSITIVE sa92
csa7 POSITIVE sa127
sa83 POSITIVE csa7
sa83 POSITIVE sa92
sa11 POSITIVE csa7
sa11 POSITIVE sa14
sa11 POSITIVE sa11
csa10 POSITIVE csa12
csa10 POSITIVE sa87
csa11 NEGATIVE csa10
sa38 POSITIVE csa10
sa38 POSITIVE sa38
csa17 POSITIVE sa49
sa42 POSITIVE csa17
csa12 POSITIVE sa65
......@@ -28,23 +32,27 @@ csa15 POSITIVE csa12
csa13 NEGATIVE csa12
sa81 POSITIVE csa21
sa65 POSITIVE csa21
sa138 NEGATIVE csa21
sa3 NEGATIVE sa143
sa77 NEGATIVE csa21
sa77 POSITIVE sa77
sa3 POSITIVE sa3
sa3 NEGATIVE sa49
sa10 POSITIVE sa25
sa132 POSITIVE sa10
sa14 POSITIVE sa25
sa48 POSITIVE sa11
sa48 POSITIVE sa48
sa25 POSITIVE sa25
sa25 POSITIVE sa92
sa101 POSITIVE sa38
sa49 POSITIVE sa38
sa52 NEGATIVE sa38
sa70 POSITIVE sa38
sa93 POSITIVE sa48
sa50 NEGATIVE sa38
sa50 NEGATIVE sa48
sa93 POSITIVE sa48
sa75 POSITIVE sa65
sa75 POSITIVE sa75
sa74 NEGATIVE sa75
sa87 POSITIVE sa147
sa127 POSITIVE sa92
sa90 POSITIVE sa92
sa76 POSITIVE sa76
sa76 POSITIVE sa77
sa87 POSITIVE sa88
sa88 POSITIVE sa88
sa92 POSITIVE sa92
sa41 POSITIVE sa93
sa139 POSITIVE sa138
# Generated by CaSQ v0.8.6
# Generated by CaSQ v0.9.6
Replication_space_transcription_space_complex_space__complex_double_space_membrane_space_vesicle_space_(DMV)_space_(builds_space_membrane_space_network_space_from_space_ER_space_membrane_space_and_space_accumulates_space_at_space_perinuclear_space_regions POSITIVE CoV_space_poly-br_merase_space_complex_complex_double_space_membrane_space_vesicle_space_(DMV)_space_(builds_space_membrane_space_network_space_from_space_ER_space_membrane_space_and_space_accumulates_space_at_space_perinuclear_space_regions
Replication_space_transcription_space_complex_space__complex_double_space_membrane_space_vesicle_space_(DMV)_space_(builds_space_membrane_space_network_space_from_space_ER_space_membrane_space_and_space_accumulates_space_at_space_perinuclear_space_regions POSITIVE complex_complex_double_space_membrane_space_vesicle_space_(DMV)_space_(builds_space_membrane_space_network_space_from_space_ER_space_membrane_space_and_space_accumulates_space_at_space_perinuclear_space_regions
Replication_space_transcription_space_complex_space__complex_double_space_membrane_space_vesicle_space_(DMV)_space_(builds_space_membrane_space_network_space_from_space_ER_space_membrane_space_and_space_accumulates_space_at_space_perinuclear_space_regions POSITIVE (+)gRNA_space_(including_space_ORF1a_space_ORF1b)_gene_double_space_membrane_space_vesicle_space_(DMV)_space_(builds_space_membrane_space_network_space_from_space_ER_space_membrane_space_and_space_accumulates_space_at_space_perinuclear_space_regions
# Generated by CaSQ v0.8.6
# Generated by CaSQ v0.9.6
glyph2 POSITIVE glyph4
glyph2 POSITIVE glyph6
glyph2 POSITIVE glyph17
# Generated by CaSQ v0.8.6
# Generated by CaSQ v0.9.6
SMAD1/5/8_complex POSITIVE Modulation_Cell_Cycle_phenotype
# Generated by CaSQ v0.8.6
# Generated by CaSQ v0.9.6
csa3 POSITIVE sa55
sa33 NEGATIVE csa3
sa33 NEGATIVE csa5
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