Verified Commit ebba247d authored by Laurent Heirendt's avatar Laurent Heirendt
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changes in conversion script for new files

parent 2adedfbd
......@@ -25,11 +25,15 @@ for currentpath, folders, files in os.walk(fullPath_modelDir):
# move both output files to the respective folders (note: files are overwritten)
fileName_sif = file[:-4] + '.sbml.sif'
fileName_sif = file[:-4] + '.sif'
fileName_raw = file[:-4] + '_raw.sif'
fileName_sbml = file[:-4] + '.sbml'
file_sif = os.path.join(currentpath, fileName_sif)
file_raw = os.path.join(currentpath, fileName_raw)
file_sbml = os.path.join(currentpath, fileName_sbml)
if os.path.isfile(file_sif) and os.path.isfile(file_sbml):
if os.path.isfile(file_sif) and os.path.isfile(file_sbml)and os.path.isfile(file_raw):
shutil.move(file_sif, os.path.join(outputDir, 'sif', fileName_sif))
shutil.move(file_raw, os.path.join(outputDir, 'sif', fileName_raw))
shutil.move(file_sbml, os.path.join(outputDir, 'sbml', fileName_sbml))
print(' Done.')
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