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Commit b7663394 authored by cylon-x's avatar cylon-x 🤖
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Merge branch 'repo_update' of into repo_update

parents 3fdfb358 80805a05
......@@ -21,12 +21,17 @@ ask_GET <- function(fask_url, verbose = F) {
### Get the id of the default project for this MINERVA instance
get_default_project <- function(map_api) {
cfg <- fromJSON(ask_GET(paste0(map_api, "configuration/")))
return(cfg$options[cfg$options$type == "DEFAULT_MAP","value"])
### Get the components of a given map/project on the MINERVA Platform
get_map_components <- function(map_api, project_id = NULL) {
if(is.null(project_id)) {
### If project id not given, get configuration of the map, to obtain the latest (default) version
cfg <- fromJSON(ask_GET(paste0(map_api, "configuration/")))
project_id <- cfg$options[cfg$options$type == "DEFAULT_MAP","value"]
project_id <- get_default_project(map_api)
### The address of the latest (default) build
mnv_base <- paste0(map_api, "projects/",project_id,"/")
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