Commit 30e5efe2 authored by Benjamin M. Gyori's avatar Benjamin M. Gyori
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Fix viral replication ID

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...@@ -3650,7 +3650,7 @@ PMID:15283675 ...@@ -3650,7 +3650,7 @@ PMID:15283675
<rdf:Description rdf:about="#s237"> <rdf:Description rdf:about="#s237">
<bqmodel:isDescribedBy> <bqmodel:isDescribedBy>
<rdf:Bag> <rdf:Bag>
<rdf:li rdf:resource="urn:miriam:mesh:D014661"/> <rdf:li rdf:resource="urn:miriam:mesh:D014779"/>
</rdf:Bag> </rdf:Bag>
</bqmodel:isDescribedBy> </bqmodel:isDescribedBy>
</rdf:Description> </rdf:Description>
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