Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 0.4.13   Changelog\n Merge branch 'jacek.lebioda-latest-patch-86541' into 'latest' chore: release the new version Merge branch 'fix-frozen-padding' into 'latest' fix padding in boxes of frozen pages Merge branch 'new-gitlabs-url' into 'latest' chore: updated link to gitlab after migration
  • 0.4.12   Changelog\n chore: version bump Merge branch 'increase-padding-in-lists' into 'latest' Update _sass/minima/_base.scss
    d2826404 · chore: version bump ·
  • 0.4.11   Changelog\n chore: bump version Merge branch '50-bug-the-social-icons-in-footer-are-not-clickable-nor-hoverable' into 'latest' fix: show social icons
    7b5deaf5 · chore: bump version ·
  • 0.4.10   Changelog\n chore: bump version Merge branch 'add-to-bookmarks-button' into 'latest' feat: show bookmark for other platforms feat: add bookmark feature stub
    362b3df4 · chore: bump version ·
  • 0.4.9   Changelog\n chore: bump version Merge branch '48-fix-headers-sizes' into 'latest' fix: bugfix in frozen page demonstration order feat: corrected header sizes
    39b637d6 · chore: bump version ·
  • archive/frozen   The old frozen-pages components/layouts
    31dc6d79 · Align boxes, fixes #10 ·
  • archive/vertical-bar   The old menu style with vertical bar
  • 0.4.8   Changelog\n chore: bump version Merge branch 'update-readme' into 'latest' fix: markdown markup fix: corrected margin for header html elements chore: major cleanup of readme and guides
    48b8b2e8 · chore: bump version ·
  • 0.4.7
  • 0.4.6   Changelog\n Merge branch 'update-color' into 'latest' bump version change color according to daloos.uni.lu
  • 0.4.5   Changelog\n Merge branch '47-optional-no-cache' into 'latest' feat: optional prevent from caching closes #47
  • 0.4.4   Changelog\n Merge branch 'do-not-track' into 'latest' bump version add donottrack feature Merge branch 'add-readme' into 'latest' Update index.md
  • 0.4.3   Changelog\n Merge branch 'bump-version' into 'latest' bump version Merge branch 'update-css-link' into 'latest' include css in head
  • 0.4.2   Changelog\n chore: bumed version Merge branch 'update-banner' into 'latest' put r3 logo back for footer change links to public lap resource remove assets
    a69aeb74 · chore: bumed version ·
  • 0.4.1   Changelog\n Merge branch 'update-banner' into 'latest' fix name of logo bump version changes for set cookie domain and removal of class updated js script updated style sheet update config yml
  • 0.4.0   Changelog\n Merge branch 'bump-version' into 'latest' chore: bump version of baseimage in CI script chore: bump version Merge branch 'add-gdpr' into 'latest' make logo path variable rename policy in config rename privacy policy set variable path add relative path to privacy policy propagate renaming privacy policy rename privacy policy change default of siteID Merge branch 'add-close-btn' into add-gdpr fixes for formatting on various screen sizes add close button remove sliders and simplify banner add css to move more info button to right Merge branch 'add-gdpr-version2' into add-gdpr remove MATOMO_SESSID cookie leave out domain for cookie add margin and make banner mobile ready change name of classes generalizations WIP add ids of checkboxes add functionality for analytics button fix behavior fix style for boxes add css for banner add buttons in banner changes in text add banner img and title format comments linting minor changes minor changes streamlining and simplifications changes to logic rewrite of gdpr based on eu-banner remove dep on cookie remove unnecessary bootstrap fix issue with FF change links to js files add js files from cdn servers changes in text as per suggestions suggestion from yo to anonymize changes in js change retrieval of cookie loop integrate get cookie add path to policy as variable minor bugs variable text in config change text for result of banner selection formatting and linting add priv pol fixes in footer (center etc) fix loading vars from config add condition for inclusion of gdpr banner move js into place move css for gdpr banner into place fix bug change mechanism of analytics update instructions and if conds change analytics to matomo move gdpr banner over reset footer reset gemfile Merge branch 'changes' comments in js changes in config css simplify formatting move text into config simplify css changes to css clean up fixes for header change default vis setting set secure cookies change piwik to matomo changes edp to lap changes in css fix padding fix issues fix issue with border fixes for banner POC WIP: fix js and css simplify css changes to css and footer add gitignore update Gemfile add banner
  • 0.3.19   Changelog\n Merge branch '46-correct-pdf-generation-on-firefox' into 'latest' fix: overflow issue in Firefox while PDF printing Merge branch '45-use-git-commit-messages-as-a-release-message-in-git-tag' into 'latest' feat: include changelog in tag release notes
  • 0.3.18   0.3.18
  • 0.3.17   0.3.17
  • 0.3.16
    Release 0.3.16