Commit c672b091 authored by Cedric Laczny's avatar Cedric Laczny

Add description on how to use a different configfile specified via the CLI.

parent 5c08d487
......@@ -119,6 +119,8 @@ Demo using MUST/LeGeLiS sample
snakemake -s 08-config_file.smk
cat list_of_generated_output.txt
snakemake --config names='["p", "q", "t"]' -s 08-config_file.smk # Overwriting via the CLI
snakemake --configfile config2.yaml -s 08-config_file.smk # Use a different configfile altogether
cat list_of_generated_output.txt
names: ["l", "m", "n"]
heading: "Another heading ..."
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