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# `git` training: repo for pratice and homework
# Repo for pratice and homework
## Homework on GitLab
*This exercise has to be done on your lab computer on which `Matlab` **is** installed. Don't forget to properly configure `git` with your username and email, as we explained in the training slides.*
During the training, you committed to the
Your task is to create a fork of this repository, commit some code and create a merge request on `GitLab`.
## Homework: instructions
- First, fork the []( repository.
- Create the new branch `homework_myName`.
- Implement a new function (create a new file `sqrt_myName.m`) called `sqrt_myName(x)` that computes the square root of `x`.
- Copy the `test.m` file to `test_myName.m` and change the names of the functions accordingly.
- Before submitting the merge request, verify locally that your code is running properly.
Simply execute it
$ matlab -nodesktop -nosplash < test_myName.m
and verify that no error is reported.
- Create a merge-request.
- Assign either Laurent (@laurent.heirendt) or Sylvain (@sylvain.arreckx) depending on your group and your merge-request will be reviewed by one of us.
That's it!
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