Verified Commit a97de040 authored by Aurélien Ginolhac's avatar Aurélien Ginolhac 🚴
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revert macs2 hard-coded settings

parent 88cce103
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ rule macs2_callpeak_broad:
params: # --nomodel --extsize 147 added for fake data
lambda w, input:"--broad-cutoff 0.1 -f {bam_format} {gsize} --nomodel --extsize 147 -B --SPMR --keep-dup all {pvalue} {qvalue}".format(
lambda w, input:"--broad-cutoff 0.1 -f {bam_format} {gsize} -B --SPMR --keep-dup all {pvalue} {qvalue}".format(
pvalue="-p {}".format(config["params"]["callpeak"]["p-value"]) if config["params"]["callpeak"]["p-value"] else "",
qvalue="-q {}".format(config["params"]["callpeak"]["q-value"]) if config["params"]["callpeak"]["q-value"] else "",
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