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Commit 11ac779a authored by Armin Rauschenberger's avatar Armin Rauschenberger
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parent 030addd5
This package was submitted to CRAN on 2019-07-31.
Once it is accepted, delete this file and tag the release (commit f27baa2a83).
Once it is accepted, delete this file and tag the release (commit 030addd525).
......@@ -447,7 +447,7 @@ cv.joinet <- function(Y,X,family="gaussian",nfolds.ext=5,,foldid.ex
#--- cross-validated predictions ---
models <- c("base","meta","spls"[spls],"mnorm"[mnorm],"sier"[sier],"mrce"[mrce],"none")
models <- c("base","meta","mnorm"[mnorm],"spls"[spls],"sier"[sier],"mrce"[mrce],"none")
pred <- lapply(X=models,function(x) matrix(data=NA,nrow=n,ncol=q))
names(pred) <- models
......@@ -491,6 +491,7 @@ cv.joinet <- function(Y,X,family="gaussian",nfolds.ext=5,,foldid.ex
pred$sier[foldid.ext==i,] <- SiER::pred.SiER(,
# bug?
lam1 <- rev(10^seq(from=-2,to=0,by=0.5))
lam2 <- rev(10^seq(from=-2,to=0,by=0.5))
object <- MRCE::mrce(X=x0,Y=y0,lam1.vec=lam1,lam2.vec=lam2,method="cv")
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