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fastaExtract with coordinates for mOTU annotation added

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# this script takes a fasta file and a space-delimited file with IDs present in the fasta headers and start- and end- coordinates (with the first letter counted as position 1)
# 2 inputs: - the fasta file (eg. mOTU.v1.padded)
# - a space-separated table with IDs and coordinates (eg. mOTU.v1.padded.coord)
# 1 output to stdout: a fasta file with sequences indicated by the table
# Anna Heintz-Buschart, February 2015
use strict;
use warnings;
use Bio::DB::Fasta;
my $fastaFile = shift;
my $queryFile = shift;
my $db = Bio::DB::Fasta->new( $fastaFile );
open (IN, $queryFile);
while (<IN>){
my @fields = split / /;
my $seq = $fields[0];
my $sequence = $db->seq($seq);
if (!defined( $sequence )) {
print STDERR "Sequence $seq not found. \n";
my $start=0;
my $stop=0;
if ($fields[1] < $fields[2]) {
$sequence = substr($sequence,$fields[1]-1,($fields[2]-$fields[1]+1));
$start = $fields[1];
$stop = $fields[2];
} else {
$sequence = substr($sequence,$fields[2]-1,($fields[1]-$fields[2]+1));
$start = $fields[2];
$stop = $fields[1];
$sequence = join('', reverse(split(//, $sequence)));
$sequence =~ tr/ACGT/TGCA/;
print ">$seq.$start.$stop\n", "$sequence\n";
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