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Just use nano; source .bash_profile on MacOS

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......@@ -45,8 +45,17 @@ You need at least Windows 10 with the [Windows 10 Fall Creator update](https://s
### MacOS
* Download and run the [Miniconda .pkg installer]( in the Python 3.7 version.
* Start the "Terminal" app or [iTerm2](
* If you use something else than `bash` as your shell, you need run
$ source ~/.bash_profile
to activate conda.
### Linux
Start the respective terminal/console app.
......@@ -225,18 +234,9 @@ To track resource usage we add the `benchmark` directive, which will write perfo
Create a file called `Snakefile` in the current directory and open it in your favourite editor, e.g.
* Linux:
$ nano Snakefile
* MacOS:
$ open -a Textedit Snakefile
$ nano Snakefile
Add the final rule for the mapping:
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