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## (Optional) Immediately submit all jobs
We need a wrapper script to get the dependencies right. Unfortunately snakemake doesn't parse the job submission message from slurm cleanly, so the dependency lists look like ` 'Submitted', 'batch', 'job', '374519', 'Submitted', 'batch', 'job', '374520'` instead of being just a list of the job IDs.
Create a python script called `` with the following content:
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import sys
from snakemake.utils import read_job_properties
# last command-line argument is the job script
jobscript = sys.argv[-1]
# all other command-line arguments are the dependencies
dependencies = set(sys.argv[1:-1])
# parse the job script for the job properties that are encoded by snakemake within
job_properties = read_job_properties(jobscript)
# collect all command-line options in an array
cmdline = ["sbatch"]
# set all the slurm submit options as before
slurm_args = " -p {partition} -N {nodes} -n {ntasks} -c {ncpus} -t {time} -J {job_name} -o {output} -e {error} ".format(partition=job_properties["cluster"]["partition"], nodes=job_properties["cluster"]["nodes"], ntasks=job_properties["cluster"]["ntasks"], ncpus=job_properties["cluster"]["ncpus"], time=job_properties["cluster"]["time"], job_name=job_properties["cluster"]["job-name"], output=job_properties["cluster"]["output"], error=job_properties["cluster"]["error"])
if dependencies:
# only keep numbers in dependencies list
dependencies = [ x for x in dependencies if x.isdigit() ]
cmdline.append("afterok:" + ",".join(dependencies))
os.system(" ".join(cmdline))
Submit with
(access)$> snakemake --cluster-config cluster.yaml -j 10 -pr --use-conda --immediate-submit --notemp --cluster "/scratch/users/<your_username>/bioinfo_tutorial/ {dependencies}"
## Useful stuff
* To avoid too much overhead in the number of jobs submitted to SLURM, use the`group` directive to group rules that can run together in a single job.
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