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Warning about bioconda security issue

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......@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ For this tutorial we will use the [`conda` package manager](https://www.anaconda
It can encapsulate software and packages in environments, so you can have multiple different versions of a software installed at the same time and avoid incompatibilities between different tools. It also has functionality to easily port and replicate environments, which is important to ensure reproducibility of analyses.
**Attention when dealing with sensitive data:** Everyone can very easily contribute installation recipies to the bioconda channel, without verified identity or double-checking from the community. Therefore it's possible to insert malicious software. If you use bioconda when processing sensitive data, you should check the recipes to verify that they install software from the official sources.
We will use conda on two levels in this tutorial. First we use a conda environment to install and run snakemake. Second, inside the snakemake workflow we will define separate conda environments for each step.
1. Connect to the cluster
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