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curl works on both Linux and MacOS

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......@@ -124,23 +124,14 @@ We will set up the following workflow:
To speed up computing time we use source files that only contain sequencing reads that map to chromosome 12. The files for input (control) and H3K4me3 (ChIP) are available on our [WebDAV]( server.
Create a working directory:
Create a working directory and download the necessary data::
$ mkdir bioinfo_tutorial
$ curl -o snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz
$ tar -xzf snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz
and download the necessary data:
* Linux:
$ wget ""
$ tar -xzf snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz
* MacOS: Download the [archive file]( and unpack it into the directory we created above (normally `/Users/<your_username>/bioinfo_tutorial`).
Your working directory should have the following layout now (using the `tree` command):
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