Commit 7876c4f3 authored by Sarah Peter's avatar Sarah Peter

Added steps for md5 check and decryption.

parent db386fd1
......@@ -140,7 +140,23 @@ Create a working directory and download the necessary data:
$ mkdir bioinfo_tutorial
$ cd bioinfo_tutorial
$ curl -o snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz
$ curl -o snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz.gpg
$ curl -o snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz.gpg.md5
Check the md5 sum:
$ md5sum -c snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz.gpg.md5
snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz.gpg: OK
Make sure it says `OK`.
Then decrypt the data with gpg and finally unpack it. The passkey or passphrase for decryption is `elixirLU`. In real situations the passphrase should always be transmitted in a secure way and separate from the data!
$ gpg -o snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz --decrypt snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz.gpg
$ tar -xzf snakemake_tutorial_data.tar.gz
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