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Commit c38f7f65 authored by Laurent Heirendt's avatar Laurent Heirendt
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Merge branch 'CherryPickHomework' into 'develop'

Cherry pick homework

See merge request R3/school/basic.git.practice!60
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function c = addTwoNumbers_DanielDuarte(a, b)
% addTwoNumbers_DanielDuarte(a, b) returns the sum of a and b
c = a + b;
function c = multiplyTwoNumbers_DanielDuarte(a, b)
% multiplyTwoNumbers_DanielDuarte(a, b) returns the product of a and b
c = a * b;
function c = sqrt_DanielDuarte(b)
% sqrt_DanielDuarte(b) takes b and returns the square root of b
c = sqrt(b);
\ No newline at end of file
% Test file
c = addTwoNumbers_DanielDuarte(1, 2)
% test if the addition function works as expected
assert(c == 3)
d = multiplyTwoNumbers_DanielDuarte(c, c)
% test if the multiplication function works as expected
assert(d == 9)
% Test for the homework
% test my sqrt function
assert(sqrt_DanielDuarte(d) == sqrt(d))
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