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......@@ -41,6 +41,12 @@ If you don’t have yet an SSH key, you have to generate one:
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa # -b 4096
If you set a password to your key (recommended), add it to the `ssh-agent`:
$ eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"
$ ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_rsa
Then, add the SSH key to Github/Gitlab.
<img src="slides/img/icon-live-demo.png" height="100px">
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -35,11 +35,11 @@ $ git status
# Modify a file
Copy the file `` in the folder `_attendees` and rename it with your firstname:
Copy the file `` in the folder `attendees` and rename it with your firstname:
$ cd _attendees
$ cp
$ cd attendees
$ cp
Then, make your changes with your favorite editor!
# Pull and merge requests
# Merge (pull) requests
If you want your changes to be reflected on the `develop` or `master` branches,
**submit a PR** via the Github interface.
**submit a merge request (MR)** via the git-r3lab interface.
Use the **interface** to make use of your peers to review your code!
<img src="slides/img/branch-merge.png" class="branch-merge" height="500em"/>
......@@ -24,11 +24,9 @@
# References & Cheat sheet
[1]: Git Book:
1. Git Book:
[2]: GitHub training services:
[3]: Cheat sheet:
2. Cheat sheet:
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