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# Welcome to the Inaugural R3 GNU/Linux Course!
* Thank you to the [R3 team][1] for the opportunity to introduce you to [GNU][2] and [Linux][3]
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* This is an extraordinary situation, so lets keep things flexible
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* `echo $(whoami)`
+ Researcher on the [Environmental Cheminformatics][4] team
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+ GNU\Linux user since [Debian Woody][5] (ca 2002)
+ Arrived as a seven CD set from a small computer shop from the [Getting Debian][6]
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[1]: (https://wwwfr.uni.lu/lcsb/research/bioinformatics_core/responsible_and_reproducible_research_r3)
[2]: (https://www.gnu.org)
[3]: (https://linux.org)
[4]: (https://wwwen.uni.lu/lcsb/research/environmental_cheminformatics)
[5]: (https://www.debian.org/releases/woody/)
[6]: (https://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/)
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