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# Getting Started (1)
Make sure that your git is configured properly:
$ git config --global "Firstname Lastname"
$ git config --global ""
Test whether your username and email have been registered
$ git config --list
# Getting Started
Fork and then clone the tutorial repository
<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>
$ git clone ssh://<first.last>/advanced-practice.git
$ git clone<first.last>/advanced-git-practice.git
# Getting Started (2)
* Please generate your SSH before with `$ ssh-keygen -t rsa` and set it in Gitlab!
* Add a remote `upstream`
$ cd advanced-practice
$ cd advanced-git-practice
# add upstream URL
$ git remote add upstream ssh://
$ git remote add upstream<first.last>/advanced-git-practice.git
$ git fetch upstream
* Check the remotes with:
......@@ -42,48 +23,4 @@ $ git clone ssh://<first.last>/advanced-practic
$ git checkout -b develop upstream/develop
$ git checkout -b myBranch
# Install the mergetool `kdiff3`
* Download it here:
* Setting up `kdiff3`:
$ git config --global --add merge.tool kdiff3
$ git config --global --add mergetool.kdiff3.path "<kdiff3 path>"
* omit `""` when setting up on Linux or macOS
**Note**: On UNIX, you can find the path of `kdiff3` by typing:
$ which kdiff3
On Windows, the path might be `C:/Program Files/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe`.
# A note on common commands:
This workshop will not cover in detail the following commands, assuming you are familiar with them:
- `git checkout`
- `git add`
- `git commit`
- `git log`
- `git show`
Feel free to ask any questions if you run into any issues!
For your reference:
$ git <command> --help
Replace `<command>` with the command you want help for.
Exit with `q`
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