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empty framework for advanced training

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# Presentation Title
## Month XYth, 2019
<div style="top: 6em; left: 0%; position: absolute;">
<img src="theme/img/lcsb_bg.png">
<div style="top: 5em; left: 60%; position: absolute;">
<img src="slides/img/r3-training-logo.png" height="200px">
<h1>A catchy title</h1>
Firstname LastName, Title<br><br><br><br>
<i>Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine</i>
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{ "filename": "" },
{ "filename": "" }
# Thank you.
<center><img src="slides/img/r3-training-logo.png" height="200px"></center>
Contact us if you need help:
<a href=""></a>
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