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......@@ -37,3 +37,5 @@ This website is under version control on the [LCSB Gitlab](https://git-r3lab.uni
* **[Retrospective Non-target Analysis to Support Regulatory Water Monitoring: From Masses of Interest to Recommendations via in silico workflows]({{ "frozen/40ss-ft75" | relative_url }})**
* **[Identification of tissue-specific and common methylation quantitative trait loci in healthy individuals using MAGAR]({{ "frozen/g9aq-jy72" | relative_url }})**
* **[COBREXA.jl: constraint-based reconstruction andexascale analysis]({{ "frozen/zkcr-bt30" | relative_url }})**
layout: default
order: -1
title: "COBREXA.jl: constraint-based reconstruction andexascale analysis"
permalink: /frozen/zkcr-bt30
{% rtitle COBREXA.jl: constraint-based reconstruction andexascale analysis %}
Miroslav Kratochvíl, Laurent Heirendt, St. Elmo Wilken, TaneliPusa, Sylvain Arreckx, Alberto Noronha, Marvin van Aalst, Venkata P. Satagopam, Oliver Ebenhöh, Reinhard Schneider, ChristopheTrefois, and Wei Gu
{% endrtitle %}
{% rgridblock a-unique-id %}
{% rblock source code | fas fa-code-branch %}
**COBREXA.jl** source code is hosted on [Github](
{% endrblock %}
{% rblock documentation | fas fa-book %}
The documentation of **COBREXA.jl** is available [here](
{% endrblock %}
{% rblock benchmarks | fas fa-code %}
The benchmark scripts are available [here](
{% endrblock %}
{% endrgridblock %}
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