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This is the `default lcsb theme` for gitlab pages...
# Gitlab pages
Welcome to an example page!
Below you will find a detailed instruction on how to set-up your own gitlab website.
Sources for this page are [available in Gitlab](
Additionally, you can also navigate to the [repository for theme](
You can follow the [documentation]( to understand how to use it.
# Setting up your web page
Mz website is better than yours.
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## The process
0. Make sure that you have access to [gitlab]( If you ever cloned a repository or set-up a new one there, then you should be fine.
1. [Create an empty repository in gitlab]( Please bear in mind, that the both names of the namespace and the project influence
final address of the page - it will follow the `https://<namespace><project_name>` convention.
2. Clone this very repository: `git clone ssh://`.
3. Once cloned, remove the _remote_ (so that every time you push to your repository, you don't push to this very repository):
`cd project_name; git remote rm origin`, and add _remote_ to your repository (you can find the correct remote address in gitlab) **TODO: add screenshot**.
4. Modify site's settings to match your needs. Refer to the next section for help.
5. Modify the index page. Modify (or delete) help and about pages. Add your own content.
6. Commit and push to the repository.
7. If you want to have your page publicly available, make a ticket to SIU.
8. Your page is published! Go to `https://<namespace>` in your favourite browser, or the URL you specified in the SIU ticket.
## What should you change in settings file?
## Common problems
### *The website looks broken! There are no images, no colors etc.*
You probably didn't configure `baseurl` parameter in the settings.
### *The links in the menu are not working (they point to 404 pages).*
You probably didn't add `permalink` attribute. Or the post has `published: false` or `draft: true` set.
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