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......@@ -16,7 +16,9 @@ A preprint of the manuscript is available at <a href="
{% rblock Data %}
The data is available <a href="[missing link]">here</a>
The newly generated data is available under NCBI BioProject accession PRJNA723028 (Biosamples: metag_sr: SAMN18797629, metat_sr: SAMN18797630, and metag_lr: SAMN18797631). Metaproteomics is available at ProteomeXchange under accession PXD025505.
The previously published data is available at ERR2984773 and ERR2887847, SRR7585899 and SRR7585900, as well as ERR2027899, ERR4334939, ERR4334940, and ERR4334941 from the <a href="">European Nucleotide Archive</a>
{% endrblock %}
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