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title: Agent-based SEIR-ICU model for Luxembourg
permalink: /frozen/q3g1-7a85
{% rtitle Agent-based SEIR-ICU model for Luxembourg %}
Atte Aalto, Laurent Mombaerts, Laurent Heirendt, Christophe Trefois, Daniele Proverbio, Françoise Kemp, Jorge Gonçalves, Alexander Skupin
{% endrtitle %}
{% rgridblock a-unique-id %}
{% rblock Source code %}
Source code is hosted on Gitlab [Gitlab](
{% endrblock %}
{% rblock Artificial data %}
The used real data cannot be shared due to data protection reasons. An artificial, generated social network data can be found here (households and regional information is not included).
{% endrblock %}
{% endrgridblock %}
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